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Precision Medicine

Discover how your child's genes are interacting with our modern day environment and creating health or dis-ease.
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What are we up against?

Scientific research is connecting the dots...

Mood Disorders
Autoimmune Disease

Nutrient depleted food lacking vital micronutrients

Nutrient Depleted



 Unabated 'fight or flight' fuels inflammation affecting all body-mind systems

Past/generational trauma left unaddressed can create long lasting biological changes


Toxic Air

Toxic Food & Water

Toxic Household

There are currently more than 80,000 chemicals in consumer goods, with little or no safety information about their impact on human health

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We are discovering that those whose bodies cannot de-toxify these chemicals, have runaway inflammatory pathways and/or need more micronutrients to work optimally are most affected by these changes in our environment. 

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 A Clinical Decision Support Tool that reveals your child's unique, genomic roadmap and identifies specific, actionable steps that allow us to optimize your child's health. Whether your child's challenge is autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD....neurodevelopmental issues, mood or health challenges. 

Media Resources

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Autism Parenting Secrests


Personalized Medicine Approach to Stress and Anxiety

IntelexxDNA™ Powers Groundbreaking Child Health Study Alongside Documenting Hope™


Pediatric Services

Using IntellxxDNA™and 20+ years of integrative pediatric experience, identify and address the root causes of your child's "dis-ease": 

  • autism

  • ADHD

  • mood disorders

  • neurodevelopmental issues

  • complex medical conditions. 

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Partnering with Providers

You would like your primary care provider or subspecialist care team involved in your child's care.


You are a provider interested in collaborating with a pediatrician practicing precision medicine.

Pediatric Services


Pre- Conception Counseling

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Coming soon...

Pediatric Services

Pre-Conception Counseling

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Schedule a Telehealth appointment when it's convenient for you from the comfort and privacy of your own home or on a break at work.

Pediatric Services

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Pakhi Chaudhuri, MD

Board Certified in Pediatrics

Board Certified in Medical Acupuncture


I've had the privilege of being a primary care pediatrician for over 20 years, founding and owning my own "Green", integrative pediatric practice in beautiful Durango, CO.  I've left primary care pediatrics and moved to Boston and am so excited to now be of service by offering "Precision Medicine". 

  • What is “Genomics”?
    Genomics is the science of identifying small changes in your DNA that, by themselves, do not cause diseases but in combination with each other and the environment can contribute to both disease and health.
  • What is “Precision Medicine”?
    Precision medicine is the new field of medicine utilizing one’s genomics as a road map to clarify which nutrients, diet, supplements, lifestyle and medication modifications a person can make to recover and/or optimize their health.
  • What is IntellxxDNA™?
    IntellxxDNA™ is a Clinical Decision Support Tool that allows clinicians to look at over 600 DNA sequence changes that make a person unique. Everything in the report is modifiable and evidence-based meaning that you can do something about these changes that then translates to health optimization.
  • Does insurance cover the IntellxxDNA™ test or your consultation?
    Insurance does not currently cover IntellxxDNA™ testing at this time nor does it cover my consultation fees. If other tests are ordered, insurance may cover these tests?
  • What is the cost of the IntellxxDNA™ testing and consultation?
    1. Review of IntellxxDNA™ report consultation: a. 90 minute visit plus two 1/2 hour follow up appointments: $1300 (This does not include the price of IntellxxDNA™ testing which averages around $1150 for children and $1500 for adults ) 2. Follow-up 1 hour visit for established patients: $500 3. Meet and greet: FREE
  • Which states is Dr. Pakhi licensed in at this time?
    Dr. Pakhi is currently licensed in Massachusetts and Colorado. Despite the appointments being only Telemedicine appointments, children and families need to be located in one of these 2 states.
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